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Why spend hundreds of dollars on polarized sunglasses? That's the question we've always asked as we've developed our custom designs over the years. Oh yeah, did we mention that most of our glasses are $30 or less? That's right, grab 3 or 4 pair for less than you'd pay for some other brands.

But it's not just about a low price. We are very concerned about quality as well. We've been at this since 1998 and we use some of the highest quality optical manufacturing facilities in the world. All of our sunglass models offer polarized lenses to protect your eyes. All of our sunglass models are made from premium materials including Polycarbonate, TAC, and the ever strong but flexible TR90.
Protect those babies! All our glasses come with a sweet little micro-fiber case to help take care of your Ocean Eyes Sunglasses! Send us a picture wearing your favorite pair of Ocean Eyes. If we use it on our site, we'll give you a free pair of glasses!     Learn More >>
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